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„We envy you so much”, „We wish we could travel as well but we don’t have enough time”, „We are too afraid to organize trips like that on our own. What if something goes wrong?” – we have heard that a lot from our friends and family members. We thought we needed to encourage them to travel. The world is so amazing and time is one!

That’s why we offer our help in organizing individual trips and holidays: we find hotels and flights at affordable prices, we prepare a detailed plan of each trip and a special guidebook just for you. Either you want to go trekking in the Andes or track the best Mexican food, learn how to dance salsa in Colombia or play football in Brazil, we are there for you! We will help you organize your dream journey to any continent you want.


You do it only once in a lifetime! Probably this is why so many couples decide to go somewhere they have never been before or somewhere they have always wanted to go but for some reason they couldn’t. We would like to help organize this trip any couple who craves beautiful and far away travel for just the two of you. Who doesn’t want any massive travel agency or guided tours, who doesn’t want crowds of other couples around or too excited all – inclusive guests just next door. If you want to experience something personal and extraordinary, write us.

Brazil in February 2017

There have been so many people who have told us they would love to go to Latin America or join one of our journeys because they wanted to see places off the beaten track and really experience local life. Some of them were afraid, because they had never been to this continent before or they didn’t know the language. That is why we have decided to organize a short journey to Brazil, to share what we already now and inspire people to explore this country on their own.

We won’t be slaves of any strict schedule, there will be time to experience things but also to relax. We will design the program all together to be sure it is satisfying for all participants.

However, we can already suggest that apart from vising Corcovado Christ in Rio de Janeiro, we would like to take you to a safe favela, instead of lying on a famous beach Copacabana – offer you a trip to a paradise-like Paraty beaches where ocean meets with jungle. We would also like to invite you to explore Organ’s Range or mountains in Itatiaia National Park. Waterfalls of Iguacu are also possible.

Contact us if you are interested in a detailed program of our journey.

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