BiteInto Americas

New journey. To the South!

Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. And one place we dream to reach: Patagonia.

On the first of November 2015, when everybody else in Poland is visiting their relatives graves, we hit the road again for our new reporter’s journey. We land in Sao Paulo, Brazil (the cheapest flights in Latin America), and quickly move on to Uruguway, than Argentina, Chile and Patagonia. Hopefully, w will reach it’s very end – the mythic city of Ushuaia.


On our way, we are going to gather as many stories as possible and absorb atmosphere of different places. We are going to be excited about legalized marihuana in Uruguay, we are going to interview the ex-president of this country, Jose Mujica, who has been the most exceptional leader of our times, we are going to visit Pope Francis’s first church and the neighbourhood where Leo Messi was brought up. We hope to find jobs as gauchos and learn how to make the best steaks. We are going to follow Bruce Chatwin’s steps with his famous book “In Patagonia” in mind. And of course – we are going to tell you all about it on our blog and Facebook!

We encourage you to follow our new journey!


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